Rotary Drilling Head

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The BRUCE Hydraulic Rotary Drilling Head & Augers are designed with a wide range torque, speed and accessories providing for practically CFA auger drilling of high speed, DTH (Down The Hole Hammer) of low speed and Casing drilling.

+High Efficiency Hydraulic Rotary drilling Head Maximize overall efficiency can be achieved by adapting the highly effective and big size of hydraulic motor.
Saving the fuel consumption cost 10%~30%, compared to equivalent Electrical Auger.
Saving the overall construction cost.
Highly reliabiliable gear and durable hydraulic motor.

+Remote Control Pendant

Remote Control Pendant

+Over load and over torque protection system

+Flexible, compact design fits to fixed leader suitable and other leads type required

+Simple, reliable, efficient hydraulic motor design

+High efficient axial piston motor provides excellent power transfer and horse power efficiency.

+Variable speed control is controlling by remote control pendant.

+The Single Auger head is providing for CFA auger drilling and DTH drilling.

+The speed and output torque is providing for custom requirement according to adequate job requirement.

+The Casing Auger head is providing for casing drilling with single auger combination.

+Hollow output shaft is available up to 4 inch diameter air or grout swivel.

+Optional output shaft flange adaptors to match drill stem connection.

+Optionally BRUCE Hydraulic Rotary Heads are also available in an automatic torque control system.

+Optionally an appropriate shock-sub is recommended for DTH hammer application
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