Offshore Pile Hammer

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BRUCE provides offshore pile driving equipments and hydraulic pile driving solutions to the offshore oil, gas, wind farm, bridge and harbor industries.


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BRUCE Offshore Hammer Specialty in Enhancement customer satisfaction with a completion of Offshore project !

The BRUCE, a standard of Piling Equipment, has proudly provided with the most successful and suitable Piling Equipment specialty for a severely harsh condition of offshore industry through long years of customers must have Equipment of Offshore Hammer. As a global partner in the Offshore industry, BRUCE's capability will constantly be improving to meet the customer demands in the Offshore industry.

BRUCE Offshore Hammer specializes in fabricating a custom made Long Pile Sleeve, Adjustable Pile Guide which can be adjusted to a different size of Piles adopted to Offshore project and a high level of Hydraulic system for a various types of Offshore construction project in the ocean.

Successful results with the BRUCE Offshore Hammer, the more Offshore companies renowned as the frontier of exploitation of natural resources, mostly fossil fuels such as oil & gas, are get together with the BRUCE to utilize its capability offered by BRUCE in the Offshore construction.

BRUCE Offshore Hammer system designed for a various types of Offshore construction are on the way !

BRUCE Offshore Hammer
Reliable Offshore Partner

BRUCE Hammer is at the forefront of an oil and gas production platform

The future of oil and natural gas buried in our ocean, but recent years, an exploitation of an huge amount of undiscovered resources in the sea have became more and more difficult business even though today's technology can be affordable by using its advanced facilities made of for extraction of conventional reserves.
Now the excess to oil and natural gas in the sea has been towards setting up a platform a lot faraway from the land and drilling in deeper and deeper water.
great depths and a long distance marine areas requires harbor or platform that would be permanently mounted on the sea bed for the future project plan.
Because the cost of Offshore construction is already relatively high, BRUCE's most suitable Offshore application will be necessary to make it done the project.
The BRUCE Offshore Hammer offers a high quality of pile driving performance In the most productive areas in the ocean

BRUCE Offshore Hammer preliminary Test

The BRUCE Offshore Hammer has done the operational function test in advance before it goes to the ship or barge. It includes mechanical, hydraulic and electrical function test to get a proper operating pressure, oil flow and electrically controlled fine adjustment all over the Hammer and Power Pack.
The Adjustable Long Pile Guide equipped with a Long Pile Skirt has set to grip a 48 inch Steel Pile and an operating oil flow controlled by a block in the Power Pack has set before it transported.

Offshore Pile Hammer, Offshore Pile Driving


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