Excavator Mounted Piling Rig

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Excavator Mounted Piling Rigs Feature(Pile Driver)

Mounted on Liebherr 944

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The EXCAVATOR MOUNTED PILING RIG with completely original concept in Excavator Mounted Piling Rig equipment industries has been manufactured by BRUCE of one of the world leading supplier of hydraulic pile hammer. It is a multi-purpose rig designed for piling works in confined area.
The BRUCE compact and unique design allows for easy transportation and storage.
It can be customer friendly according to user own Excavator model and sizes.
Accordingly, Excavator Mounted Piling Rig system made by BRUCE will be attached to a customer-built Excavators.
The BRUCE Excavator Mounted Piling Rig is a simple and efficient device that is easy to operate and maintain.
BRUCE unique piling rig attachment will fulfill the needs for those people who are reluctant to purchase a high priced piling rig.
If you apply all of the BRUCE concepts here, your work will enjoy the powerful competitive advantage that making a great profit on your foundation working site.

Bruce SGH0312 Excavaotr Mounted Hydraulic Impact Hammer

Rrmote Control Box

Remote Control Box for BRUCE Hydraulic Pile Hammer is in the cabin of Piling Rig to operate BRUCE Hydraulic Pile Hammer easily!!


Most efficient way an accurate project
Cost effective outcome for the budget
Suits for micro and big scaled foundation


Fits for all different types of tool carrier
Driving steel, concrete, timber piles
Driving and extracting with vibrator


Attached to the existing excavator
Design makes it ideal for limited access
Leader provide to climb for maintenance
This system fit on bucket cylinder
Easy to change to bucket to use

① Back Stay
② Catch Boom
③ Winch
④ <Base Machine> Excavator or Piling Rig
⑤ Rear Jack
⑥ Pile Catch
⑦ Front Jack
⑧ BRUCE Hydraulic Pile Hammer
⑨ Leader
⑩ Top Sheave


Visual check leader with high versatility and center of gravity Versatility of different types of tool carrier, hammer & vibrator Easy installation and quick changeable piling rig attachment The ideal design of leader for unlimited access to sites.
The size of length leader can be set upon request Remote Control Box and Manifold Block for easy adjustment Convenient setting up and easy disassembling the equipment