Company History

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2013Its development, "Crane type vibe with a hammer" product series SGV-200, SGV-300, SGV-400, SGV-450, such as Middle Eastern exports.
2012Bow wagons and Machinery Exhibition 2012 in Shanghai, China officially joined.
2011Large steel pipe work file "BRUCE SGH-3015" started to supply the US
2010European Models of Hammer product presentations and export contracts with crane-type vibe
2009US construction giant construction work file "BRUCE SGH-4719" official adoption and supplies
2009BRUCE hammers and peripherals released the industry's first start of the semi-piling rigs and supply type
2009Vibe excavator hammer in the rotation unit-linked product development and supply of initiation
2008800mm long concrete piles work cut files from attached BRUCE SGH-2015 supply
2008Southeast Asia held PHILCONSTRUCT 2008 Machinery Exhibition
2007Building offshore drilling piers (Off shore) "BRUCE SGH-2015" hammer supply
2006PQ-800 power pack 800 horsepower for the production and supply steel pipe OD 1000mm Oga
2006Road Building "BRUCE SGH-1012" Dynamic compaction hammer supply
2005Its products SGH-2015, SGH-1618, SGH-1312 hammer HHI supply
2005Its products SGH-2015, SGH-1618, SGH-1312 hammer Chevron gas storage plant building supply
2004Developed the industry's first Middle Eastern company started to supply "excavator hammer with Vibe"
2004"BRUCE SGA-8000" (torque 8ton.m class) Oga supply
2004BRUCE Hammer products ISO 9001 certification
2003Long file from mounting cut "BRUCE SGH-2315" hammer opsyo I work supplies
2002Its products "BRUCE SGH-1412" Land of the Australian construction hammer construction completion file
2002Samsung Construction and signed the Great and large diameter steel pipe outside diameter 2.5m file BRUCE SGH-3015 Bridge Building Supply Agreement
2002Industry-leading 1.9m carried on the stroke attached "BRUCE SGH-1618", released / SGH-1619 hammer Hong Kong exports
2002Piling rigs Europe (European Type) of combined model "BRUCE SGH-0512" Hammer supply in Europe
2002Germany BAUMA machinery exhibition and its products "BRUCE SGH-0712" exhibition invitation
2001Government of the Republic of Korea, the best export performance award
2001Impact hammer supplied to the standard equipment of IEA system development and the Hong Kong Housing Corporation's energy monitoring system
2001Hong Kong Housing Corporation Housing with final orders for construction works "BRUCE SGH-2015" adopted and started to supply
2001CONEXPO 2001 exhibition held in Las Vegas machines and "BRUCE SGH-0712" exhibition hammer
2001Korea Institute of Machinery Manufacturers Association official member certification
2001US construction work file association to join and Certification
2000Based on 20 years of experience in manufacturing machine quality and trust-based company founded